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Break through the PM program barrier, continuously improve your existing
PM program, develop & validate service contracts

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Lead a More Effective FM Organization

Increase PM & decrease CM ratios, effectively plan & schedule staff, consistently
meet or exceed performance goals

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Make Your Facilities More Safe, Efficient,
and Reliable

Reduce energy costs, prevent asset downtime, & extend asset life cycles

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Improve Customer Service
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Gain lasting crediblity with customers, staff, peers, & administration

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The ultimate source for cross-functional facilities preventive maintenance procedures is here!

for the FM organization with a PM program complete or in process ...

Apply continuous improvement principles to your existing PM program. With over 400 carefully developed preventive maintenance procedures, Preventive Maintenance Procedures for the Facilities Portfolio provides a valuable reference that can be used to gain perspective on your existing program and fill in gaps you may not know that you have.

for the FM organization getting their program off the ground ...

Your preventive maintenance committee will appreciate the support that Preventive Maintenance for the Facilities Portfolio will provide them. This reference will dramatically advance their cause by saving them weeks worth of preparation, meetings, and deliberation.

for the FM organization that is fully reactive and cannot focus on PM …

Preventive Maintenance Procedures for the Facilities Portfolio will be the catalyst you are seeking to get back on track. Take a small step by defining a high priority set of assets, assigning procedures from Preventive Maintenance Procedures for the Facilities Portfolio, scheduling the work, and committing to expanding the program long term.

Get the tools that you need to help take your PM program
to the next level, including:

Routine, preventive, predictive, and compliance Procedures

Optimized for technical accuracy and scalability

Preventive maintenance tasks included for practical asset assemblies and systems

Applicable for assets supporting buildings of any size and complexity including central utility plants

Ready for deployment in CMMS

Wrench Time Planning Estimates

Trade Recommendations

Special Tools and Consumables Requirements

Recordable Measurements Identified for Condition-based Monitoring

Commentary on Strategic Asset Management Program
and Deployment Strategy

About the Author

Jonathan Thomas, PE, CEM, CRL is a professional industrial engineer that has been developing preventive maintenance programs for deployment via CMMS for 22 years. In 2015, Mr. Thomas realized that the only way to develop a satisfactory PM program was going to be to develop them from scratch leveraging BMOC’s reliability-focused employees as well as the knowledge of client planners, schedulers, shop foremen, and maintenance technicians.

Preventive Maintenance for the Facilities Portfolio is the culmination of Mr. Thomas’s 22 years of unique experience and five years worth of research, development, and preparation. This resource is now being made available on the open market in order to prevent facilities management organizations from reinventing this wheel.