Preventive Maintenance Procedures - Digital & Printed Bundle
Preventive Maintenance Procedures - Digital & Printed Bundle
Preventive Maintenance Procedures - Digital & Printed Bundle
Preventive Maintenance Procedures - Digital & Printed Bundle
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Preventive Maintenance Procedures - Digital & Printed Bundle

  • 1. Establish or continuously improve your PM program
  • 2. Get more value from your CMMS
  • 3. Save countless internal resource hours
  • 4. Validate service contracts or develop SoWs
  • 5. Gain credibility with customers, staff, and peers
  • 6. Effectively estimate, budget, and schedule staff
  • 7. Expand your technical knowledge
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  • Individual: allows for 1 copy plus 1 backup for access by a single user
  • Site: allows for 1 copy plus 1 backup stored on a server for access by those with server access
  • Subscription: updates sent via email in PDF format, latest edition sent upon completion

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Want the PM procedures loaded into your CMMS? Click here.

Optimize facilities management processes with this comprehensive preventive maintenance programming reference for facilities asset managers. These procedures contained in this reference are designed and developed to reduce maintenance costs, unplanned failures, and excessive energy costs. This reference contains field-vetted routine, preventive, predictive, and regulatory maintenance procedures written by experts. It is comprised of technically accurate and scalable preventive maintenance procedures ready for assignment and scheduling across the facilities portfolio including utilities plants via your CMMS. It includes task lists, wrench time planning estimates, special tools and consumables requirements, and craft recommendations. Extend the functional life of each asset, maximize customer satisfaction, and stop reinventing the wheel with this valuable preventive maintenance reference.

Tech Specs
  • Page Count: 537 Print, 528 PDF
  • Assets: 216
  • PM Procedure Count: 410
  • ISBN Printed: 978-1-63625-832-4
  • ISBN PDF: 978-1-63625-299-5
  • Publish Date: 9/21/20
Benefits of PM
  • Improve customer service & satisfaction
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Extend asset life cycles
  • Reduce costly corrective maintenance
  • Improve the reliability of your assets reducing unplanned downtime
  • Effectively schedule your work force
  • Preserve the designed function of your assets

Unique Value of BMOC PM Procedures
  • Avoid reinventing the preventive maintenance wheel
  • Get more value out of your CMMS
  • Save countless internal resource hours in preventive maintenance program deployment
  • Selectively review, update, and fill gaps in your current preventive maintenance program
  • Validate the work scope on your service contracts
  • Compile powerful service level agreements through the inclusion of these procedures in the scope of work
  • Gain credibility with technical staff through the applications of procedures that have been thoroughly vetted in the field
  • Accurately estimate the total labor hours associated with implementing an effective preventive maintenance program
  • Expand your technical knowledge base with the latest best practices
  • Support training and PM quality assurance processes


This book features resources to help facilities asset managers, including:

  1. Routine, preventive, predictive, and compliance procedures
  2. Optimized for technical accuracy and scalability
  3. Preventive maintenance tasks included for practical asset assemblies and systems
  4. Applicable for assets supporting buildings of any size and complexity including central utility plants
  5. Ready for deployment in CMMS
  6. Wrench time planning estimates
  7. Trade recommendations
  8. Special tools and consumables requirements
  9. Recordable measurements identified for condition-based monitoring
  10. Commentary on strategic asset management programming and deployment strategy

Jonathan Thomas, PE, CEM, CRL is a professional industrial engineer that has been developing preventive maintenance programs for deployment via CMMS for 22 years. His focus has been on general building service assets including exterior enclosure, architectural, vertical transportation, plumbing, fire suppression, utility generation, HVAC, electrical, fire detection and alarm, and commercial kitchen systems. He has studied the spectrum of preventive maintenance recommendations spanning from the outdated and overly generic procedures available today on the open market and included in some CMMS applications to specific OEM recommendations. The former is scalable to the fault of providing little value to planners, schedulers, and technicians. The latter, OEM recommendations, adds needless variation to procedure recommendations for similar technologies. Some can be overly ambitious in their task and frequency requirements, others are overly vague, and then there are all points in between. It seems that the primary driver for OEM preventive maintenance recommendations is risk mitigation for the OEM rather than achieving the typical benefits of preventive maintenance for a facilities management organization.

In 2015, Mr. Thomas realized that the only way to develop a satisfactory PM program was going to be to develop them from scratch leveraging BMOC's reliability-focused employees as well as the knowledge of client planners, schedulers, shop foremen, and maintenance technicians. Preventive Maintenance for the Facilities Portfolio is the culmination of Mr. Thomas's 22 years of unique experience and five years worth of research, development, and preparation. It contains over 400 task list sets that have been thoroughly refined and deployed at client sites. This resource is now being made available on the open market in order to prevent facilities management organizations from reinventing this wheel. This resource will be useful to teams with a robust and reliable preventive maintenance program in that it provides expert best practices that can be leveraged for program improvement. For organizations without a preventive maintenance program, this resource represents a robust head start. Preventive Maintenance for the Facilities Portfolio will help these scenarios and all points in between. They will even be effective in your central utilities plants.